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NEWS: The Thing Trailer Released

By on July 17, 2011

<a href="" target="_new" title="'The Thing' Movie Trailer">Video: &#8216;The Thing&#8217; Movie Trailer</a>

Oh dear. The remake of The Thing is on it’s way and it looks pretty awful. This is supposed to be a prequel, but it’s clearly set now and my only hope is that it might end with two uninfected guys trying to shoot a dog from a helicopter (which is how the original Thing kind of opens).
People forget that we don’t want an ‘origins’ – I loved the idea in Carpenter’s original that something has already happened, that we’ve jumped in halfway through an event. Why do we need something to ruin all that? Anyway, I’ll probably watch it and hate it. I hate it already from this trailer which changes nothing except clearly has a worse story and looks more ‘jumpy’ rather than a slow-burn.
What’s with all these paranoia based films? It’s like McCarthy ‘reds in the beds’ all over again.

Does anyone remember the game either?

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