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PS Vita – Great Upcoming Titles

By on July 28, 2014

There are a lot of games on their way to the PS Vita, despite Sony’s confusing messaging on the handheld’s future in the West. On the fence about whether to get a Vita?….well here are the games we’re looking forward to the most…

Rogue Legacy

From: Cellar Door Games | 30th July 2014

The levels of the castle raiding retro styled action platformer are procedurally generated, and each time the horde of grisly ghouls kills you, you play again with the descendants, each with different abilities and genetic strengths or weaknesses. Gold you earn during each raid is spent on upgrading the family home which can unlock new abilities & classes for your characters and their heirs. Expect a challenge!


From: Digital Dreams | 5th August 2014

Metrico is an action puzzle game that utilizes the Vita touch and motion controls. You play as a man who appears to be trapped inside of a Management Consultant’s Powerpoint slides, full of meaningless infographics and confusion. A chilling dystopian nightmare if ever there was one.

The visuals are clean and crisp, and puzzle games work very well on the Vita, sign us up!


From: HoneySlug | 12th August 2014

How to explain Hohokum? Hmmmm. It’s been described as ‘snake meets Schindler’s List’ , which while a truly excellent pitch, doesn’t quite do justice to the visual feel of Hohokum’s colourful world. Objectives and narrative are less a priority in Hohokum over the experience of guiding your wiggly line to explore the game & save the strange characters you’ll fly past. The style looks like you’re tripping balls, and could easily be a game to play when you want to chill out, much like Flow, with a style similar to the PSP’s excellent Loco Roco games.

Counter Spy

From: SCE / Dynamighty | 20th August 2014

The Cold War! Counter Spy puts you in place of an Agent trying to prevent a nuclear doomsday between two bickering superpowers. There are elements of stealth and shooting here, and it looks similar to the excellent Shadow Complex. Side scrolling exploration is a popular genre on the Vita at the moment, so hopefully Shadow Complex is as fun to play as it looks.


From: Mojang | August 2014

Not much need to explain what this is; because if you haven’t heard about MineCraft, you likely live on the Moon or something. Play it on the move with Vita!

Freedom Wars

From: SCE Japan Studios / Shift / Dimps | Late 2014

This game sent Japanese Vita owners crazy when it was released last month, becoming the 2nd fastest selling Sony developed game on the Vita. The game’s premise is that you live in a massive future city that can no longer support all it’s citizens. As such, people get rather harsh one million year prison sentences for even the smallest crime, and have to work for the city to reduce that number towards eventual freedom.

The action appears frantic as you take on giant monsters as part of your community service with guns, blades and grappling hooks. The game supports up to 4 player co-operative play, and can no doubt boast a hefty amount of content as you try an whittle down from 1,000,000!

Grim Fandango

From: LucasArts / Double Fine | Release Date Unknown

I completely missed Grim Fandango the first time around, so seeing the hype that greeted the announcement of it’s re-release at E32014 aroused my curiosity.

It’s an adventure game in a film noir detective style, mixed with the Mexican folk lore surrounding the Day of the Dead. Even though Grim Fandango was released way back in 1998, the unique visuals of the original still work to convey the world brilliantly, so should hold up once remastered.

I’m excited to play such a well revered game for the first time, especially since adventure games are so few and far between these days (they don’t have multiplayer).

Titan Souls

From: Devolver Digital | Q1 2015

A top down retro looking minamalistic RPG action game in the mould of the early Zeldas. During your journey you’ll encounter giant bosses who you’ll have a tough time defeating, especially with only one arrow. Titan Souls is said to be firmly in the new wave of unforgiving games, meaning you’ll need to learn a boss’s weak spots and make sure you’re precise with your attacks, or a quick death awaits.

It looks the kinda game where being topped up with just the right amount of pizza grease & Mountain Dew (just like George Costanza’s high score at Frogger) will help you find the sweet spot of concentration during the tense encounters.

The original demo for the game is still playable here.

Axiom Verge

From: Tom Happ | Early 2015

A side-scrolling retro styled action adventure game with a style reminiscent of Contra and Metroid. Axiom Verge starts with a scientist who’s experiment goes wrong (will they never learn?) and wakes up in a strange place surrounded by aliens. Central to the game are exploration and the use of what appear to be glitches in the game to open up new areas.

The Unfinished Swan

From: Giant Sparrow | Release Date Unknown

The Unfinished Swan was released in 2013 for the PS3, and it appears it’s going to be released on the Vita too. It’s a first person puzzle game, with a short and interesting story around a child painter. The visual style of The Unfinished Swan is something to be witnessed. The levels are nothing short of beautiful, with the use of sharp contrasting colours. Often a level is completely one colour, and you’ll need to apply your paint brush to the environment to discover the path forward.

Criminal Girls Invite Only

From: NIS | Release Date Unknown

A Japanese RPG that’s coming westward at some point soon. It’s a remake of the PSP game with additional levels & characters. You’ll guide, and punish, the titular delinquents on their journey of redemption through Hell, and battle evil along the way.

There have been reports of the game’s more adult content being cut for western audiences, which is odd.

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