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The Top 7 Worst TV Finales Ever - The Wild Bore - The Wild Bore
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The Top 7 Worst TV Finales Ever

By on August 15, 2014

Suffice to say, spoilers ahead. Skip past the ones you haven’t seen.

The problem with finales is that it’s very difficult to do well. You have an obligation to leave the viewer with something that was worth investing all those hours of their time in and to be able to do that and maintain credibility is a thin line to follow. Saying that, a lot of TV series’ have got it correct. Take for instance Breaking Bad, which only got better in quality as the series progressed, Twin Peaks which after a horrendous Season 2 saw Lynch come back for the final episode and lift it to dizzying heights, or I would even say, much to people’s dismay, Sopranos.

Although Sopranos caused a lot of controversy, I thought it was perfect. Why does it need to sum everything up? It just stops in it’s own way. Life doesn’t always have a satisfying conclusion. A lot of people believed it was his inevitable death because surely if you get shot in the head, you’re dead before you know it. Literally cut to black. It was all up for interpretation and just worked but yet people would see this ending up there as one of the worst. Therefore, these endings are my own personal grievances. Let us know what you think in the Comments section below.

The worst TV finales, ever….

7. Fringe








After what started as a promising series, it only got worse as parallel universes, time travel and all sorts of weird stuff came into play. What was unfortunate was that the entire season took place in the future, which because of the final episode, meant that none of it happened anyway. Even though it’s emotional core was about Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson, the series was really about the brilliant John Noble. By trying to tie things up with the Watchers, some little bald kid, aliens and … wait weren’t they all the same thing? It was satisfying enough for John Noble to sacrifice himself in a shootout and for the main characters to have a happy life together. However, it felt like an incredible waste and by going overboard (classic Bad Robot) it felt lacklustre and befitting of the terrible episodes before it.

6. Caprica







What was probably the worst series I’ve ever watched, the ending had to quickly tie up all the overarching stories and did so with a quick ten minute montage of what happened to everyone. Every episode of the Battlestar Galactica spin-off series was a chore and in a way, I was so pleased for it to finally end but not only was the episode as terrible as the series, but by quickly shoving in what happened to everyone in such a fashion belittled anything that had gone into it beforehand, it would have been better to end it with some kind of mystery. However, credit to it for it being put to death quickly and doing everyone a favour.

5. Dexter












Well, what can be said about a TV series that went from something so great to watch to nothing but fodder by ripping characters we’ve come to know and love apart and trying to make them something else. Everything you thought about Dexter gets ruined in the final episode. If you’ve still not finished it yet, watch up to the end of Series 4 with John Lithgow and make up your own ending for Dexter – please don’t bother with the last two series because as much as you might want to – it’s just not worth it.

4. The X Files










X Files had been going off track a long time before the series ended but at least with the final episode it tried to tie up all the loose ends, which couldn’t be said of a lot of the endings here. It just so happens that the entire story arc just got completely out of hand and the last episode, with a certain main character living in a cave pre-Bin Laden, just goes beyond ridiculous. There were some key moments in X Files when it worked and was amazing, unfortunately this wasn’t it.

3. Quantum Leap










Sam Beckett had gone through a lot before this, including meeting an evil version of himself that was controlled by Satan, but having a drink with God just got a bit … weird. The religious aspect and the fact that it was a boring ending with no real conclusion meant that a lot of the audience felt cheated. We wanted more for Sam, but even God couldn’t deliver it.

2. Seinfeld









Possibly the best comedy TV series ever had possibly the worst finale ever. Bringing back old characters whose story arcs we had tied up in a nice little bow years before didn’t help, having a storyline about them being in jail was just ludicrous (even for Seinfeld) and it felt so self-indulgent by reflecting on all these great stories and characters we’ve already seen and just rehashing them. Why not have an original story with original characters rather than some weird back-patting episode? Not only one of the worst Seinfeld episodes ever, but one of the worst finales ever.

1. Lost







Lost was always a love-hate thing. Some people loved it, but I was one of those whom hated it yet continued to watch it in the hope it might come through at the end, but it didn’t. Are they dead? Are some of them dead? What’s all the stuff that had happened before? You can see the Lost creators just shrugging their shoulders – who cares? It was about character. Was it? Not only were the audience cheated and lied to, they had the audacity to tell you that you didn’t ‘get it’ because we’re too obsessed with story rather than character. Maybe they should go off and write a one-man play where the only prop is a chair, but don’t mislead people and promise the world and don’t deliver. It doesn’t matter what context it’s in – you just don’t do it. BASTARDS! I’m over it though.


So what do you guys think? Comment below.


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