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Abel Ferrara’s Pasolini – Trailer

By on September 1, 2014

pasoliniHot on the heels of Welcome To New York, a loose depiction of Dominique Strauss-Khan’s exploits in the Big Apple, Pasolini, Abel Ferrara’s next film, will be debuting at Venice in a few days time.

The movie focuses on the final few days of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s life in 1975 following post-production on Salò and stars Willem Dafoe as Pasolini.

Just before the release of Salò, his most aggressive statement on society, religion and politics, he was brutally murdered. It’s believed he was killed by extortionists who stole reels of the film and eventually beat him to death while he was out with a male prostitute (who was charged and jailed for the murder himself). Friends of Pasolini have argued the attack to be a conspiracy by or between his political and religious enemies and even though new evidence was uncovered in 2005 it was still deemed too little to properly reopen the case but Ferrara has teased that perhaps he has some answers which we’ll see in Pasolini.

This trailer looks great and already showcases Dafoe looking perfect in the role and beautiful set design. Pasolini is a film I’m really looking forward to and this trailer gets me very excited about it.

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