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Doctor Who – The 12th Doctor So Far

By on September 8, 2014




When Peter Capadli was first revealed as the Doctor, I had a mixture of feelings. Would this be the Doctor to turn around what I feel, quite frankly, has been a bit of a lull in the Doctor Who universe? Or would Peter Capaldi just pick up where Matt Smith left off with tired, boring story lines?

I felt confused at the end of episode one. The dinosaur walking around London, albeit it Victorian London, felt as though it had been included simply for dramatic effect rather than because it was a major part of the story, and was  far too similar to British SF TV series Primeval. And the return of characters such as Drax, Madam Vastra and Jenny AGAIN made for, in my opinion, a lazy plot and slow start to the season. But one cannot deny the way in which Capaldi shined.

From his darker, mysterious take on this iconic television legend to his dry sense of humour, Capaldi excelled and even managed to make his Scottish accent work. Despite the arguably boring story line, there were moments of genius in the episode. The theme of ‘paradise’ after death and the introduction of a mysterious female character clad in black lace referring to the Doctor as her ‘boyfriend’ certainly brought it back to life.

Furthermore, Steven Moffat’s attempt of rivalling the goodbye between the Doctor and Rose with the Doctor’s and Clara’s farewell did leave me with a warm feeling that caused me to tune into episode two. But that episode, no matter how good I wanted it to be, did little to entertain me.

I think we can all safely agree that any episode including Daleks is going to inevitably be the same-old, same-old. I appreciate the fact that they are a staple of Doctor Who legend, and also that writers Steven Moffat and Phil Ford tried to put a spin on it (what with it being a good Dalek destroying other Daleks because of radiation poisoning), but as soon as the rest of the Daleks showed up on mass and started exterminating every minor character in sight, I will admit I started to scroll through my phone instead of watching.

I also think the Doctor needs to get over the whole no soldiers thing. We should support our troops!

Yet despite all of this, the Robin Hood episode proved to be a saving grace. The historical/fantasy based episodes tend to have a flourish in my opinion, and a level of excitement that I just don’t get from Daleks and Cybermen anymore. I mean, who can forget the Shakespeare episode with the Doctor and Martha? That was genius.

Now we’re all aware Robin Hood isn’t actually a real historical figure (or is he?!). But the bow and arrows and period dress mixed with the action and SF is sufficiently enticing and proved to be genius. From the comical sword/spoon fight to the Doctor threatening to punch Robin in the face, I was captivated from the outset. And the extra sprinkling of viewing pleasure in the form of Ben Miller made for an incredibly enjoyable watch.

The rest of the series, as so far, remains a mystery to me. Next week’s episode looks to be one that will have children across the country having nightmares for weeks. But the leaked scripts that graced the internet a few weeks ago aren’t something I have been willing to pursue. But original, creative episodes and less Daleks are something I’m pushing for here. Wouldn’t you agree?



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