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Destiny: 10 Improvements We’d Love to See

By on November 15, 2014

Destiny is has been out a while now, and we’re still loving it. That’s not to say that there can’t be improvements to the game though, and Bungie has been releasing patches to address various issues at regular intervals. Here’s 10 Improvements we’d like to see addressed in future patches:

1/ Raid Matchmaking

It’s not as if we don’t have friends, but waiting for five of them to be online at the same time, all playing Destiny, and all with several hours to kill? Matchmade Raid may be an inferior experience to a fireteam of friends, but that should be our decision to make. The Raid needs matchmaking.

Destiny's Vault of Glass Raid

The Raid’s unlocked! Oh, now I need to wait months
for 5 friends to be online at the same time. Super.

2/ Raid Loot

The most powerful gear in the game is rewarded for completing the Vault of Glass. Like loot in the rest of the game it’s random, meaning people can repeatedly get the same item again and again, and again. When the raid takes a couple of hours to complete that’s a ridiculous way to reward players, but when the rewards are restricted to one playthrough a week it’s outrageous. It needs fixing.

3/ Opt-In Chat

Obviously if there were to be Raid matchmaking it wouldn’t work without chat. While I appreciate the steps Bungie has taken to remove the white noise of 12 year olds trash talking from the game, in the Raid they’ve also created a challenge that requires high levels of teamwork and therefore chat. Opt-In chat will provide the best of both worlds.

Destiny Dancing

Clive tries to communicate battle tactics via the medium of interpretive dance.

4/ Loot Drops

There’s already been a patch that fixed decoding legendary engrams, but at high levels blue engrams constitute the majority of your drops and rarely produce anything of worth (motes, coins). Why not increase the odds of receiving useful items, instead the resulting blue gear ends up being dismantled, time after time. Speaking of which…

Such promise...

Such promise…

5/ Materials

The endless dismantling of blue gear at high levels leads to stockpiles of class specific materials that you’ll never need in those quantities. A change needs to make these materials useful for some purpose – either upgrades or perhaps trade-ins for motes of light or similar useful but blue/rare items.

6/ Friend Trades or Donations

The last thing we want to see in Destiny is the MMO style loot farming market present in other games, where people make real world money selling items (that’s bullshit). One way to improve the loot system though would be to enable trading between friends, whether on a donation or like-for like basis.

7/ Journey to the Tower

Why can’t we load directly into the Tower. The vast majority of your game sessions will involve heading to the tower first, meaning the first thing you do is select an additional loading screen. It would be a great addition to have an choice whether to load to orbit or the Tower, so simple.

The Destiny Tower

Can I get Airmiles?

7/ Warlock Vanity

For their class specific mark Hunters get a cloak, which really alters the appearance customisation options of your character. Titans get a kind of skirt/belt arrangement which is perhaps a little odd, but can provide some interesting options. The Warlocks however get an armband. The key point here is that it’s barely visible, and doesn’t really add anything to the look of your character. When you think of all the options that could have been available for a space wizard, a tiny armband is doubtless not on your list.

Warlock Bond

Oh wow, that really sets off my outfit, and it matches my underwear too, sooooo.

9/ Crucible Matchmaking

While the matchmaking in the crucible is generally a smooth experience, being constantly matched against people who can repeatedly dish out headshots while in mid-air starts to grate after a while. It appears that the matchmaking prioritises character level over K/D ratio. A rebalancing would be very welcome.

10/ Hunters

There’s nothing that kills the mood in the Crucible more than a Hunter activating their Arc Blade super and zipping around the map stabbing everything that moves (and often the walls) while being totally impervious to incoming fire. The Hunter super abilities are over-powered and it’s boring.

Hunter Arc Blade

A completely fair fight.

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