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John Wick Review - The Wild Bore
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John Wick

By on April 7, 2015
dhb-015Marley and me and a gun.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get so worked up about a dog they’ve known for about two days. But John Wick (Keanu Reeves), a man with a murky past, only has the little critter to remind him of his deceased wife.
So when some thugs come in and steal his car and have a mishap with a certain puppy, John gets all full of vengeance and decides he’s going to kill the little shit that did this to him. Unfortunately, that little shit is the son of some Russian gangster and what follows is John Wick on a clear path to destroy anyone responsible and any who stop him.
A simple, rather stupid story, but one putting Keanu Reeves back onto fine form. An underused Willem Dafoe and a great menacing performance from Michael Nyqvist, who should have been just as interesting in Mission Impossible 4, makes for quite an enjoyable cast. It’s a shame then that the script is so terrible that it hurts. The plot is ridiculous and getting from one scene to another is a slow process that often results in boredom. It detracts from some rather good action scenes, but these flashes are so few and far between its hard to recommend the film on this point alone.
It takes a while to get going but Reeves is always a joy to watch when kicking some arse. The way he walks and shoots plays much like a videogame, at one point even reloading mid-kill to finish the job. It works nicely but yet never really excites in the way that The Raid might, nor are you ever seriously troubled that Reeves is overpowered. In a time when people want their heroes vulnerable, it means more than just one heartbreaking event to show the supposed humanity in your character.
Overall, it’s a film you’ve forgotten about by the time you get home. However, under a different script I really think it could have worked and it’s clear that the directors aren’t as much storytellers, as stunt co-ordinators (which they are). But I do like the idea of Keanu coming back into action and for a 52 year old man, he’s welcome any time – and that’s saying a lot.
Rating: 4/10

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