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Farcry 4 Review - The Wild Bore - The Wild Bore
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Far Cry 4

By on May 25, 2015

far-cry-4Not as much a Far Cry from number 3, as much as a similar entity.

It’s a shame because I actually feel that Farcry 4 is a worse game than 3, yet better in a lot of ways. Driving and gameplay is smoother, I prefer the enemy Pagan Min, I enjoy details like the radio DJ, the Cliff Martinez soundtrack is great and the animals are a lot more sophisticated. However, there’s just something missing.

Mainly it’s because it’s more of the same – the initial excitement of taking down bases and sabotaging radio towers in Farcry 3 would get slightly weary before the end. Here it felt like a huge chore.

In fact, the bases which I would usually try and stealthily take over felt designed in a way that makes you go in guns-a-blazing. The designers seem way too aware of what you will and won’t try to do and although this might mean they’ve done their jobs, I felt like the haphazardness of the bases in the last game left a lot open to chance.

The side missions are rather boring and become monotonous after a while. The fact there are also so many becomes overwhelming. You can’t help but look at your map and think – why am I bothering?

It’s not as if Kyrat is an incredible place either. I preferred the idyllic islands of FarCry 3 – there was a sense of peace found within the war – but here the mountains feel as if you’re locked in – imprisoned within this strange hot-yet-cold terrain.

The story, although as far fetched as the others, doesn’t resonate either with an ending that was frustrating to say the least (for me anyway). I never felt any personal attachment to anyone or anything within the game – at least in Farcry 3 the idea was to save your friends and get out of there, your evolution into a war machine and the island was a character that penetrated your soul and changed who you are. Here, there’s not much of a change – or a real reason to stay – scattering your mums ashes and trying to find your family history didn’t feel enough to justify what was going on.

The missions varied in quality – when it went big, it went really big. But there was a lot of filler and too much reliance on you wanting to fill your time with things to do, rather than with quality. The result is a game that instead of filling me with wonder and excitement – made me rather want to go back and play Farcry 3 – or even Blood Dragon.

It’s not a bad game – but it’s certainly one that isn’t brave enough to take a jump. A new setting doesn’t justify the price tag and with a lacklustre story and very minimal gameplay differences – it will definitely make me think twice about buying Farcry 5 if I start hearing similar things before release.

Think of it more as a large DLC pack than a game in itself – and wait for that price tag to come tumbling down.

Rating: 7/10

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