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Cop Car

By on August 21, 2015

CHz0XArWcAAQkxZIn this slow burn thriller, we follow two kids who have run away from home and come across Kevin Bacon’s cop car – deciding to steal it. What follows is a tense game of cat and mouse where you’re never sure who is good or bad.

At some points, Kevin Bacon is the dirty cop that you’re afraid may find and kill these kids, in other times he’s the saviour and in a way, you want him to find the car as you accompany him trying to gain control of the situation and in a strange way, sympathise with him.

It makes for a rather rollercoaster ride – less in the actual events that take place, but more for your nerves. The kids never become annoying, neither does the film patronise you by telling you why the kids have run away, or what happened with Bacon before he stepped out of his cop car, or what happens afterwards. It’s a slice of time that isn’t full of exposition but instead, wants you to just experience the events firsthand. What happened before or after isn’t important, it’s what’s happening now where the story truly lies.

It has some great acting from everyone involved and it’s a great sign that director Jon Watts, who is helming the next Spiderman film, is in fact a talent that if allowed to breathe, clearly has great potential.

Overall, a great little film that shows us Kevin Bacon at his sweaty best, some kid acting that actually adds to the film rather than detracts, some engaging directing and a film that has clearly become a great calling card for a director that knows how to tell a story.

Rating: 7/10

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