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Mad Max

By on February 7, 2016

mad-max-game-thumbWant to become your very own Road Warrior? Well in Warner Bros. Mad Max game you can … kinda.

In the same vein as Warner Bros. other sandbox games (the incredible Shadow of Mordor and the Batman Arkham series), Mad Max takes the same template and puts it onto the Mad Max world – to a variety of results.

See The Wild Bore give you a 101 in Mad Mad below:

You play Max who has taken on the son of Immortan Joe and lost – only to be left for dead in the desert without a pot to piss on – including his car. After finding lowly mechanic Chumbucket, who becomes your sidekick, you both decide to create a new powerful car to exact your revenge – and to Chumbucket, it’s a spiritual journey that only Max can take on.

As you play through the game you upgrade your character, unlocking strengths, abilities and appearances – and also upgrade your car to make it the beast you want it to be. This can only be done via scrap metal – the currency in the game that is used as a reward, but can also be found along the way and  by taking over camps, your allies give to you as you progress through the game.

You take on enemy camps, drive through the wasteland, race other cars and generally cause mayhem as you try to work your way back up to full strength and take on your enemy Scrotus. It sounds like great fun right? Well, it can be. But here’s the problem.

It’s extremely repetitive. The desert looks great, but the variety in level design is minimal – meaning that dealing with camps, convoys and such is pretty much the same each time. The hand to hand combat is a watered down Batman/Mordor gameplay and lacks the brutality of Mordor and the finesse of Batman. The car parts can be exciting, but often driving vast distances becomes incredibly arduous and boring – even with Fast Travel enabled. Some missions even make you degrade your car in order to meet the mission specifications, which is incredibly weird. Often I would also unlock the highest type of a certain car spec, when the lesser upgrade is still locked – why would I want to bother to try and unlock it then?

Each area of the map has a Stronghold run by one of your allies which you can upgrade and do certain missions for – but after a while, I just wanted to complete the story and get it over with. What’s also annoying is the way of finding out what’s on the map is getting a hot air balloon going, rise very slowly, then scan the horizon with some binoculars – it’s so, so, so slow.

The story is actually okay, if anything there is not enough of it – and I enjoyed the Mad Max character. Some of the cut scenes and the shots I actually thought were rather good. The world is quite nicely realised, it feels like this is a Mad Max universe (maybe too Thunderdome at times but still works) but it’s just so boring. I enjoyed parts where you go underground, where you get glimpses of the true depravity that lies underneath the sun, but these end up being simply normal fist-fights in darker surroundings.

There were also a few bugs – tanks that couldn’t be refuelled, the car not being able to find you, falling over ledges mid-fight and other annoying aspects, but they were few and far between. Graphically, the sand dunes and harsh sunlight looked great, but other textures looked very last-gen.

Once the story was finished there was a small part of me that wanted to upgrade everything, but filming the 101 episode above reminded me that – I didn’t actually want to at all.

Overall, not a bad game, not a great game and actually, not even a good game.

Rating: 5/10


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