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The Revenant

By on February 7, 2016

revenant-film-review-rOtherwise known as ‘When Hunting Goes Wrong…’

Who would have thought Tom Hardy would give such an incredible performance giving such variety to what he is known for. Continuing his latest run of ridiculous voices (that has lasted the last 15 years or so), Tom Hardy looks like he might break out into song or dance any moment, and it’s that edge-of-your-seat tension that makes him an Oscar contender like no other.

But who else may steal the limelight? DiCaprio survives a mauling from a feminist bear to go on to try and not move his face for the next 2 hours – no matter how hard he tries. He gets through this by trying his best to stay away from pretty much everyone, have people look after him a lot and hug a tree.

The paintings behind them look amazing, how they were able to do this in a studio is incredible.

The opening scene is amazeballs. There’s like, lots of shooting, and arguing, and people die, and it’s great. I couldn’t believe when DiCaprio went into Tron and got attacked by a bear – I was like ‘wow! That looks so much better than if it was a REAL bear because then, they wouldn’t be able to film it properly, or even try to.’.

Snow makes me feel good.

Rating: 8/10



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